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Written by director Richard Keddie: 

Linda Syddick Napalpjarri was one of Australia’s last nomads to emerge from the western desert in the early 1980’s. She became a renowned indigenous artist, telling her nomadic stories on canvas. Linda often paints a small motif of ET somewhere in her paintings, because it is her favorite film – like ET, she too wants to go home, back to her nomadic life. She never will.

Linda, along with a few others, were among the last nomads to emerge from the inland deserts. Horrendous drought and the promise of free food and water in a settlement near Alice Springs called Papunya, marked the end of the nomadic life. It was the end of an important link to the world’s oldest continuous culture – estimated to be more 30, 000 years old.  

Some of these nomads became wonderful artists, including Tommy Watson, Kudditji Kngwarye and Linda. With their numbers dwindling, artist Vincent Fantauzzo, curator Ken McGregor and film-maker Richard Keddie have developed the Last Contact project to capture at least some of this moment in time.  Vincent is collaborating with ten indigenous artists to produce ten triptychs. Each triptych will include a portrait; a work from the nomad

themselves; and a landscape painted by Vincent relating to their story. The story of this collaboration is being recorded in a feature length documentary and a book. This is far more than a series of paintings – it is a journey into one of the most unique cultures the world has ever seen, and will never see again.

We wish to share their incredible story with the world; to celebrate their lives, and acknowledge their culture in the hope that some of their beauty and wisdom can be preserved.

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